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Xero Training - Quick introduction to Xero Accounting for beginners 2021

beginner series tutorial xero accounting Mar 24, 2021
Xero Training - Quick introduction to Xero Accounting for beginners 2021

Learn to use Xero in 11 minutes! This is a quick introduction course to Xero Accounting for beginners (2021 edition). 




Now that you have signed up Xero Accounting, it’s time to have a quick introduction course to learn how to use Xero Accounting. I’m a certified Xero Advisor and today I’m going to give you a quick tour of Xero Accounting.

When you login to Xero Accounting, the first page that you’ll see is your Dashboard. Your dashboard will give you a quick glance of what’s important such as your bank accounts, Account watchlist, invoices owed to you by your customers, bills that you need to pay to your suppliers, your total cash in and cash out and expense claims if you are using it. Hover your mouse over the graphs to view the details in a small pop up. Click on the three dots icon to view the banking menu. There’s some shortcut buttons here for you. Click on these buttons to create a new sales invoice, bill or claim.

Next let’s look at the menu bar at the top. From the first button with your business name, you can change to other businesses that you have access to, view the files of this business, access the settings of this business and links to other apps and Xero pages. 

Next on the menu bar is Business. Here we have short-term cash flow, business snapshot, menu for customers such as invoices, quotes and sales overview, followed by menu for suppliers which is bills to pay, purchase orders and purchase overview and the last section is your expense claims, products and services which is also your inventory and checks. Here we have bank accounts, reports and advanced features for your bookkeeper or accountant your favourite Reports and favourite advanced menu. 

The next one is your projects if you’re using Xero Projects. You can access all projects, time entries, staff time overview and staff cost rates here.

The next menu is Contacts. You can view all contacts, customers only, suppliers only or your own customized groups. 

On the right of your menu bar, you will find 5 icons here. The plus icon is a shortcut to create a new transaction such as invoice or bill. The magnifying glass is to search for your transactions in Xero. The bell icon is your notifications. The question mark icon is help articles. And the last icon is your account.

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Now let’s look at customer invoice page. You will find your customer invoices here categorized by its status tab and you can search, create a new customer invoice, credit note, send statements, import and export your invoices.

This is your customer invoice page. Here you will find your invoice number, status, contents of your invoice and you can preview, email, print to PDF, other invoice options, record customer’s payment and view the history and notes.

Customer quote page is similar to customer invoice page. Just the title of the page is different.

This is your sales overview page. You will find the total by invoice status, total by quotes status, a chart of estimated money to receive and a list of customers owing the most.

Supplier bill page, purchase order page, and purchases overview page is similar to the pages in the customers section. Just the title of the page is different.

Next is expenses page. You can create a new expense claim or mileage claim and you will find your expenses in “Your Own tab”. In “To Review tab”, you can approve or reject claims submitted by your employees. You can pay expense claims in “To Pay” tab and you can view all expense claims in “All” tab. “Explorer tab” will show a summary of claims in a graphical chart.

This is your products and services page which are also your inventory or stock. Here is the list of all products and services and you can search, create a new item, import and export your items.

This is the item page. Here you will find your item name, code, details of your item and you can view more options, view the recent transactions and the history and notes.

This is your bank accounts page. Here is the bank account balances chart, bank accounts summary and you can add a bank account, transfer money between bank accounts, bank rules, uncoded statement lines and bank account options.

Click on the bank account name to go to the individual bank account page. You will find your bank balances, account options, and 4 tabs here. “Reconcile tab” is where you’ll do your bank reconciliation, “cash coding” tab is a fast entry page to categorize your transactions, “Bank statements” tab is your bank statements transactions imported manually or by bank feed into Xero and “Account transactions” tab is your bank transactions that you have recorded in Xero.

This is your Reports page. Reports are grouped into categories such as financial, tax, sales, purchases, accounting, fixed assets, inventory and payrun. Click on the star to mark the report as favourite and it will appear in your “Accounting menu”.

This is Balance Sheet report page. This is the report’s name, report settings and criteria, your report, edit the layout, save and export.

This is Advanced Accounting page. Here you will find advanced menu such as find and recode, manual journals, fixed assets, assurance dashboard, export accounting data and history and notes. Here is also your Advanced settings such as financial settings, chart of accounts, tax rates, fixed assets settings, tracking categories and conversion balances.

This is your chart of accounts page. You will find your list of accounts here categorized by its account type tab and you can search, add a new account or bank account, print to PDF, import and export your chart of accounts.

This is your manual journals page. You will find your list of journals here categorized by its status tab and you can search, add a new journal or repeating journal, and import your journals into Xero Accounting.

This is your contacts page. You will find your list of contacts here categorized by its type, groups or smart lists on the left sidebar and you can search, import, export, send statements and add a new contact.

Xero Accounting comes with free mobile apps which you can download from Apple’s App store or Google play store. 

Xero Accounting mobile app is a lighter version where you can see your cashflow, send invoices and quotes or call customers and suppliers directly. 

Xero Expenses app lets you track mileage and claims on the go, snap and scan receipts, review and approve expenses easily.

Xero Projects app helps you manage and track profitability of every project. You can track time on the go, easily issue invoice for your project and stay on top of your project financials.

If you use Xero Payroll, Xero Me app allows your employees to check payslips, submit timesheets and manage leave requests.

Xero Accounting is designed for non-accountants with simple to understand terminologies and it is easy to navigate around. You can enjoy all Xero Accounting’s powerful features by just filling in the forms of Xero pages.


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