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Hi, I'm Sharon!

I help entrepreneurs, business owners and their accounting employees complete their accounts ahead of tax time by using Cloud Accounting Systems to produce timely financial reports to assist them in making strategic business decisions to grow their businesses faster.


About Me

In 2009, I started my accounting career with one of the biggest accounting firms, KPMG.

Throughout the past decade, I've used various accounting systems from the desktop version to Cloud Accounting Systems such as SAP, MYOB, Xero Accounting, Wave Accounting & so much more.

When I set up my own bookkeeping business in 2014, I started to see a trend growing among small and medium businesses: DIY bookkeeping.

Cloud Accounting Systems have made bookkeeping easier than ever before so that even business owners (or their employees) without an accounting degree can do bookkeeping! All they need to do is fill in the beautiful form which is pretty easy to do.

I discovered that they would try to do bookkeeping on their own for a few months but later realize that they don’t know what to do to complete their accounts. Then they gave up on the idea entirely and engaged my bookkeeping service instead.

Most importantly it gave me a unique understanding that business owners are highly interested to do their bookkeeping so that they can get timely financial reports to stay on top of their business’s performance and financial position.

That can be true for business owners.

The missing ingredients are a proven bookkeeping process and a coach to guide them through their bookkeeping journey.


And that’s the reason I founded Nuts Accounting.


Nuts Accounting is created to fill in the missing ingredients for business owners.

Our signature program, Master User Academy (MUA) is the proven bookkeeping process that I've been using for more than a decade to do bookkeeping for my clients. It is full of step-by-step tutorials that business owners can easily follow to complete their monthly and annual accounts like a bookkeeper. Master User Academy (MUA) comes with a private community where I support, coach and guide business owners through their bookkeeping journey.


All you need to do is believe in yourself and get started today.


I’m glad to be your guide in your bookkeeping journey.

Here’s to your success!

My mission is to help entrepreneurs to grow their businesses faster with the best tool, financial reports.

If you want to get your accounts completed ahead of tax time and understand your financial reports to fast-track the growth of your business, start your bookkeeping learning journey with me!