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Master User Academy

Are you ready to do bookkeeping like a PRO with Xero Accounting, confidently complete your monthly and annual accounts with ease, use financial reports to grow your business faster and connect with a community of DIY bookkeepers that will support you?

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Colin L.

Business Owner (E-Commerce)

"Thank you for the master user academy! The program was fantastic to get a beginner business owner through the daunting task of bookkeeping. You made it simple to follow and also opened my eyes to how much my accounting system could do for me! Your video lessons were easy to follow and full of useful information on how to do the task and background understanding to know why. Thank you so much for creating this program! I am sure plenty of others will want to join the next intake of the program."

Alex T.

Business Owner

"I never thought that having monthly financial reports for my business could help me in so many ways. I used it to keep my inventory at a healthy level so that I will not run out of products to sell for the fast moving item. When I try out a new strategy, I can easily evaluate the results of the strategy by just looking at my financial reports. If you’re a business owner, you need this program!"

Lucy W.

Accounts Assistant (Distributor Company)

"I highly recommend this program! Though I have no accounting knowledge nor experience in accounting, I am currently doing bookkeeping for my boss just by following the tutorials in this program. Everything in the course is so simple and easy to understand. I'm grateful to my boss for signing me up for this program!"

Hi, I'm Sharon!


I help business owners

go from not knowing anything at all about bookkeeping & Xero Accounting, to confidently completing their accounts with ease and use financial reports to grow the business faster, make more money and save more time.

When I set up my own bookkeeping business in 2014, I started to see a trend growing among small and medium businesses, which is DIY (Do-It-Yourself) bookkeeping.

Xero Accounting has made bookkeeping easier than ever before, so that even business owners (or their employees) without an accounting degree can do bookkeeping! All they need to do is just fill in the beautiful form.

But business owners are busy and they don’t have time to figure out accounting on their own. They want someone to guide them and answer their questions quickly. Your time is better spent on growing your business and serving your customers.

That’s why I created Master User Academy for busy business owners and DIY bookkeepers.

I’ve written down everything that I do to complete my client’s accounts, starting from the set-up of Xero Accounting up to point of completing the annual accounts.

I’ve recorded the exact steps of how I do bookkeeping in Xero Accounting so that you can easily do yours too!

Whenever you have questions, just ask them and I’ll help you on it.


Master User Academy

Xero Accounting

Here you will find everything you need to know so that you can confidently do bookkeeping like a pro, complete your accounts with ease ahead of tax time and get up-to-date financial reports to grow your business faster.

Best of all, you can access Master User Academy content anytime, anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Whenever you are ready to do bookkeeping, the tutorials are here to guide you.

*Disclaimer: This program will NOT cover tax (GST/VAT/SST) in detail. You will need to refer to your local accountant for advice on your local government's requirements and laws (especially on sales tax).

MUA Lessons

You don't need to learn everything about accounting. MUA lessons will only teach you the right amount of accounting knowledge in simple English.

Xero Tutorials

Master User Academy step-by-step tutorials will show you the exact steps to complete your monthly and annual accounts by using Xero Accounting so you can confidently complete your accounts with ease ahead of tax time.

MUA Portal

No more searching high and low on the internet! Master User Academy is your one-stop centre for everything that you need to confidently do bookkeeping.

Monthly Masterclasses

Specially curated monthly masterclasses will dive deep into one specific subject that will help you do bookkeeping like a pro. Topics that will be covered include Xero Accounting, bookkeeping, business, mindset, tech, productivity, online marketing and more! 

Support & Coaching

You'll get access to myself or members of my team to help you get 'unstuck' and break through the barriers to your bookkeeping goals. Ask your questions or learn from the questions asked by others in the group.

Master User Academy Community

Connect with other DIY bookkeepers that's always there for you to answer your questions, listen to your stories, support you through the hard times, and cheer for you (loudly) when you achieve your goals. They are your new besties who will support you through anything.

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This is your time to become a pro in bookkeeping - Let's do this!

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Deborah L.

Entrepreneur (Distributor Company)

"This program is a game changer for me and my business. My high school graduate employee learned how to do bookkeeping and my accounts are completed on a monthly basis now. My financial reports are no longer a bunch of numbers that make my head spin. Now I understand how my business is doing and it’s so much easier to plan the direction of my business. I'm glad that I found this program."

Tina S.

Business Owner

"It has been a pleasure working with Nuts Accounting. Not only have you cleared up all of the confusion, you have also explained in simple to understand terms, how to correctly enter transactions and credit card payments. I would highly recommend your services to anyone and I'm thrilled that I found you!"

Neil S.


"Sharon, you're a genius! Your explanation was so clear and concise that I could actually follow the steps. Thank you so much for your help! You are the best!!"